The Purple Flower

This is a new piece I did for the EtsyMetal monthly challenge. We could either do riveting/cold connections and/or flowers, so I chose to do both. The stone in the middle is Purple Chalcedony that I got from boxes n' beads on Etsy.

I riveted the petals and all the little bumps around the middle (with exception of a few that I had to solder because they were too difficult to get to with a hammer...good lesson for future!). This piece is a pendant--I have yet to make a chain for it. It will probably be a much smaller version of my leaf chain, and hook into the back. I used a patina to create the color, which I rather like for its contrast, and then sealed the metal with wax.



  1. Been reading your blog for a couple of months. I really look forward to seeing your very pretty designs. The flower is gorgeous.Keep up the good work.


  2. Thank you Carolyn! I'm looking forward to working in the studio today, so keep your eyes peeled for new pieces :)


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