Daily Adventure

Today I wanted to be productive. I got a bit of a late start, and was kind of distracted at times, but I'm getting more into it (at 7.30 pm). As far as exercise goes, it hasn't really happened yet, but I will be doing a "yogilates" workout soon.

I have been working on production work today, as well as a mother's necklace for a friend. In between those things, I decided to make a few more "pebble" posts. While I was cutting up scrap to melt, I saw a few larger scrap pieces and thought "hmm...I wonder how these would turn out if I melted them." One was a simple brooch I'd made in 1st year, and another was a cable chain I found a couple years ago in a parking lot (it'd been run over and damaged). We'll see what comes of these :)

I'm getting ready for the spring sale at OCAC and am utilizing a lot of my old scrapped pieces, to make them into "new" pieces.

More soon!



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