Weekend Adventures

Last week was a whirlwind of events, mostly comprised of getting ready for the OCAC Metals Department Jewelry Sale, and celebrating various events leading up to graduation (my friend Saskia graduated!).

Saturday was the jewelry sale and it went well. I don't know exactly how many pieces I sold but I know that quite a few sold and people really liked my work.

Sunday, my mom and stepdad came into town with my niece, J, and we celebrated a late mother's day and early birthday for me. I got my mom a wonderful little sea anemone wall sculpture from the OCAC ceramics sale on Saturday, and she got me a bunch of wonderful goodies (above).

We went to Pho Hung for lunch, then up to the college to show them the Ceramics sale (J got a special little necklace there) and gallery, then to the nearby playground to burn off some energy. On the way home we stopped by the ice cream shop for smoothies and ice cream, which was wonderful. It was such a great day, and getting to spend it with family was a perfect birthday present!



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