Outdoor Adventures

walking through the dog park...

first reservoir reached..

checking out a new trail...

i love weird lamp posts




top reservoir, drained for maintenance


After a full day of nannying and running errands, I came home, somehow energized. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to once again hike Mt. Tabor. It is in my back yard, after all. And it has undiscovered (to me) trails! I made a goal to hike at least an hour, which ended up being an hour and a half. I made it up to the top, which was great, and look forward to doing it again! Maybe not tomorrow though...I think tomorrow might be a pilates day :)

One of the best parts of this hike was getting to talk to my brother for the last half of it. And realizing just how great a place Mt. Tabor is to hike, and how lucky I am to live a few blocks away!



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