what's in a fuzzy photo?

Before (foggy)

After (crisp & clean)

So, yesterday I was looking through photos I'd taken the night before on the computer. They had appeared clear on the camera screen, and yet, they were fuzzy. I couldn't understand why. So I told Dave I needed to use his camera to take photos. Now Dave is very funny about me using his camera. It's like his security blanket--it goes everywhere with him. I told him my photos weren't coming out right and I need to take good ones to list on Etsy. Being the troubleshooter that he is, he asked a simple question. "Have you cleaned the lens?" My thought...'but I never touch the lens..' Oh, wait, his little sister had borrowed my camera to go to a concert the other night. Hmm. I turn on the camera and look at the lens. There's a distinct greasy fingerprint (she wears a lot of lotion) on the lens. Dave gets out his lens cloth and cleans the lens for me. May the non-fuzzy-photo-taking commence! Just after I paint the living room wall :)



  1. Ha! Anything so you don't have to use his camera!


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