Outdoor Adventure

little pretties


they're doing construction around our neighborhood

fairy house? shaky hands make blurry pics!

Dave and I went for a walk today up Mt. Tabor. It was wet from all the rain (ugh!) so we skipped the dog park and went up a different trail that I hadn't been up before. We ended up at the top and walked around there a bit before heading down a long set of stairs to the bottom, and then around to the side of Mt. Tabor where we access our neighborhood. My camera battery ran out half way :(

As we were heading back to the house, a few cool things happened. Dave stopped to take pictures of some poppies and I noticed the little shells from the heads, and started picking them up. I am going to try to dry them and then use them to cast or electroform, or just for inspiration for jewelry. Then, we saw some cats hanging out and talked to their "mom" who is one of our neighbors. We had a great conversation and lots of fun laughing about our "babies"--it's always great to talk with other cat lovers, so we can gush :) We continued to walk back to our house and Dave stopped, looked up, and pointed out a hummingbird sitting on a phone line. It swooped down and flew right past us, hovered for a minute, and flew off. I hardly ever see hummingbirds, so it was good to see one hanging around.

And now, to clean the house, help little sis pack, and maybe work on some jewelry.



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