Carol Young | Undesigned

I am so excited to finally share this news with you.
My work is now available at Carol Young | Undesigned in L.A.! Carol Young is an amazing designer. A former architecture student, Young became intrigued by the needs of "urban nomads" while living abroad in Asia. While travelling using a variety of modes, Young found herself searching for clothing that was comfortable and would allow her to move while at the same time being an expression of herself.

Once back in the United States, she accepted a fellowship at Cornell University to explore these needs for functional apparel design. What resulted was an exploration into "undesigned" designs using recycled clothing and sports apparel materials.

One of the things that really stuck out at me while I was "researching" Carol Young, is that not only does her company donate all fabric scrap to local childrens' are programs as well as fundraising for various non-profits and schools, they are a member of One Percent for the Planet. I don't think I could have found a better place for my jewelry to be represented.

Carol Young's designs are timeless and perfect for the modern woman, and I am so excited to be part of her journey!

Carol Young | Undesigned is located at:
1953 1/2 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027



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