Outdoor Adventures

May 1, 2008
Another beautiful walk up Mt. Tabor. I found some different trails which I will have to keep exploring. Look at what I found on my walk today! I smell inspiration :)

Some of you may ask why I am doing this...walking every day and recording?

1. It's motivation to start a habit, and stick with it so it really does become something I do every day--get outside, and get moving. In a climate that is so grey and rainy, it can be hard to do that.

2. I'm finding my adventurer again...I used to walk all the time! I loved finding weird hidden dirt roads and trails and following them.

3. Health and wellbeing...need I say more? I am more inspired, happier, and healthier with hiking/walking/adventuring every day.

4. This might inspire other people to get out there and explore :)



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