Friday Finds--Carla Reiter

I recently discovered an intriguing artist through 18KT--Carla Reiter. After studying metalsmithing at Indiana University, Reiter went on to explore the world through studying physics, obtaining a graduate degree in cultural anthropology (which I imagine would have a lot of connections with being a metalsmith), working as a nightclub singer, writer, and museum curator. Throughout all of these experiences, Reiter continued to make jewelry, creating a limited production line of silver with gold leaf fabricated work, and became a full-time metalsmith in 1997.

Her work gives that feeling of historical handmade pieces, while at the same time being extremely intriguing and contemporary. Her knitted pieces combine patinaed silver with elements of copper, gold, diamonds and found objects.



  1. She has followed an interesting path to her metals career. I like the anthropology bit. My BA is in anthropology. Then I went on to metalsmithing.

  2. I LOVE your style! A magnificent combination of soft curves of the petals for feminine beauty mixed with the rough dark wire contrasting the toughness of today's woman having to wear many hats.


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