The right kind of applesauce....

.....can make me cry.

The kind that is chunky, full of apples, and cinnamon. Just like my dad used to make. I walked past this jar in Trader Joes and saw the title, and stopped in my tracks. Upon arrival at home, I took my first bite, and had to fight back tears. It's not the same as my dad's but it's reminiscent of it.

I remember after my dad died, thinking "damn. I never got his applesauce recipe"...seems kind of silly, but it was a big part of my childhood, picking apples from our apple "orchard" and making applesauce. I don't remember ever being a big helper in the process, but I always loved the end result.

I am sure there are recipes out there, but I know that they will never be the same. My dad always had his little "flairs" to add to food. At least now I can reminisce :)



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