Life Turned Sideways

My life has not been turned completely up-side-down, but sideways, yes. It was just last week that I was walking around smiling to myself about how happy I am with my life. I believe I was at my friend's graduation party, and I told people how happy I am. How great everything is. Within minutes of leaving the party, things started changing. A family member has moved in for a while, and I have been laid off from my 'day job'. I have never been laid off or fired in my life. I am used to being the best at what I do, and always welcome back. It is a strange feeling and I am panicking inside. I also decided to make some changes around the house.

Sooo...with all this sideways motion comes lack of energy, motivation, etc. Today is the first time I set foot in the studio to actually make something since, well, last Friday. I know that I must create. Creating is the only thing that can get me out of this ravine and back up on top of that hill I was on a week ago.



  1. It's so true, my soon as you sit down at the bench and start touching the materials, you will feel more in balance. It doesn't solve the problems, but it will make you feel that a) you have control over something, even if it's a sheet of silver! and b) that you are valuable, because you are...

    hang in there...I *so* understand how you feel. I think I've spent months sideways!


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