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This month, I am happily participating in EtsyMetal's Blog Carnival.  What is a blog carnival, you ask?  It is when a group of members from a group, like EtsyMetal, write on a certain topic.

February Topic: Non-Metal/Jewelry Creativity
Tell us about other kinds of art and craft you do. What other media do you work and play with? How often do you get to create? Does it relate to or inspire your metalworking? 

Prior to working with metal and creating jewelry, I wanted to be a photographer.  I had spent 4 years teaching myself photography with my manual Nikon, which I still love and adore.  That camera has never let me down.  It probably helped that I lived in an amazingly beautiful place that had phenomenal sunsets, broken down barns, and animals galore to photograph.  Once I left college in Australia, my desire for photography kind of fizzled away.  Once in a while, I get the bug, though...that nagging feeling of just wanting to leave for the day and wander around aimlessly capturing the world in frames.

Once in a while, I like to sew as well.  About a year ago, I designed and sewed a sling for my friend's dog who was getting knee surgery.  My friend needed to be able to have a sling to help hold up her dog's back end so that she could go potty and walk around.  For me, that project was really fun because I got to design the sling from start to finish.  This year, I sewed our tree skirt, which was fun.  It didn't come out exactly perfect, but it was a quick and fun project.  And for our wedding, I'll probably be sewing something like garlands or decorations!

Since I work with kids during the day, I also tend to do a lot of crafts.  I get them to decorate for the holidays by drawing pictures, cutting them out, and putting them up in the windows.  We build crazy houses out of toilet paper rolls, hot glue, and paper.  Since metal is such a strong material, and you really have to work to manipulate it, I tend to find some incredible gratification during these craft projects...especially if they involve hot glue!

One thing I have discovered that I'm not good at is graphic design.  I just cannot, for the life of me, create something I truly like.  It drives me crazy, but until I have the money to hire a designer, I'm stuck with my remedial skills in that area.

All in all, metalsmithing is the thing that brings true joy into my life.  I excel at it in many ways, and I always strive to learn more.  I'm sure if I put the time and energy into other artistic pursuits, I'd be just as good, but they simply don't interest me as much.

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  1. Love your blog in black and white! Nice photos!

  2. lovely photographs and i wanna see that sling!

  3. lovely!! sigh, a good ol' manual camera - I miss it!

  4. really wonderful, thought provoking photos! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. The image of the barbed wire fence is really...just totally beautiful!!!


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