Ring A Week No.s 5, 6, & 7!!

 Ring A Week no. 5
 RAW 5/52

A Bit of Earth Ring in Turquoise and Black

With a few ruffles curves, this beauty is strong, yet dainty, like a country girl all dressed up to go out on the town.

She will come warm up your heart, when you are down, reminding you of the earth that your feet walk on, with all its rivers and streams flowing through.

Gentle, guiding, and always hopeful.

Sterling Silver

 Ring A Week no. 6
 RAW 6/52

Rugged Ring in Sterling Silver

A rugged ring, bent, hammered and forged.  Hollow inside, it was created from Sterling Silver tubing which was heated and manipulated into its form.  With a patina to give contrast to its features, this beauty is more smooth than rough.  It is gentle, yet rugged at the same time.

Sterling Silver
Size 10 US

Ring A Week no. 7
RAW 7/52

The Bastard Ring

Forged from a chunk of Sterling Silver, I thought he would be beautiful; rough, yet lustrous.  Heated and hammered, he formed beautifully.  I was in love.  We were a great pair.  Until....

Until it came to the connection.  He wouldn't do it.  Couldn't.  I don't know why...he wouldn't explain, and no matter how many times, I couldn't figure it out.

Then, I hated him.  He became The Bastard Ring Who Would Not Solder.

Sterling Silver



  1. GUFFAW!!!! Bastard Ring!!!! HA HA HA AHHAHAHHAAAAAaaAaaaAaaa!!! Ok. I said so on Flickr already...but I really love that turquoise ring:) xx


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