So a month came and went....

Well, a bit more than a month.
To put it mildly, August was crazy. It passed so fast I barely remember it.

What I do remember, though, is that one of my little furry beasts was horribly sick (which consequently left us emotionally paralyzed for two weeks). Sammy, our Siamese cat, became horribly ill late in July. The doc thinks he has advanced Kidney disease. However, after a week of being on a drip in the ER, all his levels were back to normal and stayed stable after us giving him subcue fluids for a week. We are still giving him medication and doing subcue fluids a few times a week, but the little dude is back to normal. I am convinced he got into something in the gardening supplies the previous owners left behind, or in my studio. We have since cleared out anything remotely toxic and put new safety measures in place.

I have been resuming my usual adventures with Ziggy and am slowly getting back into the studio. I have so many ideas zooming around in my brain, from various different parts of my creative self, that I've just been doing my best to document them and work on one thing at a time.

As much as I have loved the warmth of spring and summer, I am looking forward to the quietness of fall. We are now experiencing this season for the first time in our new home. I love raking (I know, it's weird) so I'm excited to get a new rake and take care of the yard--I officially have a yard that I can rake leaves in! Livin' the dream. We are starting to prepare our garden for next spring by killing off the weeds (suffocating them under a layer of burlap bags) before leveling the ground and covering it with whatever we choose. We'll be putting raised beds in this particular section over the winter so that we are ready to have our own fruits and veggies growing next year. I am so excited! I love this process of getting to know a new place--it's like being in a new relationship or living in a whole new city. We are getting to know the plants, the animals, the neighbors, the rhythms and pace of this new area and every experience feels new and fresh.



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