As Autumn tightens its grip on the Northwest, I find myself quieting more and more. Summer was fantastic but by the end, it felt so manic and rushed that I found myself desperately looking forward to the cooler weather and more downtime. It is here--rainy days upon rainy days that find me struggling to entertain the puppy and simply taking him out for wet runs anyway. The way to get through Portland winters certainly is to let go of any fear or distaste for rain. After all, it's just water.

There has been some studio time happening but not much (although I am headed that way now). I am still at odds with my work and conflicting streams of thought. Who knows if that will ever subside. The biggest issue is time, though. Isn't it always?

Streams of creative thought lately....commemorative jewelry, redefining the locket/mourning jewelry, re/using found objects, totems, embracing my love for abstract shapes and clean lines, playing with stones and color, dainty vs large scale.....a lot going on. I often find myself wondering how to balance it all--perhaps the best answer is to give each idea a short burst. Its own 15 minutes. It's all part of questioning myself.

Until next time...



  1. Autumn is by far my favorite of the seasons. The colors, mild and earth-scented air, harvest, cozy evenings, wild mushrooms, clouds and rain, everything seems to relax and breathe deeply ...


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