A Month of Rain Brings...

....sick puppies
....escapes to the Columbia River Gorge to hike with friends
....little forays into the studio
....A wonderful visit from my oldest sister
....lots of cuddles

I told myself last month that I would post more frequently. I distinctly remember even sitting down to do so, before getting distracted by one thing or another. October saw a month of rain come to Portland with only 1-2 day breaks between storms. I am used to this kind of weather, but not usually until spring. October is historically a cool, crisp and sunny month.

This year, the pumpkin fields were mud baths but hubby was sweet enough to take a Wednesday off with me while it was sunny to buy pumpkins for our first Halloween in our new home.

We missed out on a cider press party our friends throw each year because a freak storm came in from the coast. There are so many big trees around our house that we didn't want to risk something breaking while we were gone. So we stayed home, cuddled up, and watched movies while the wind raged outside.

With those same friends, we ventured out on a beautiful hike the following weekend that took us to one of my favorite spots in the gorge (and not only because I share the name)--Catherine Creek. We went off trail, as is easy to do in this part of the gorge, and traipsed around finding old glass pieces from long forgotten homesteads, creeks to cross, a bone graveyard, and the wide open sky. When I need to get out of town, this is where I go. (Of Note: I was not aware that there are hunters in this area at this time of year! I absolutely never recalled hunters being there growing up. Luckily we had bright colors with us but it's time to stock up on some blazing orange gear for us & the pup!)

I have had little spurts of time in the studio. The goal is to get in there more often. This summer and fall have seen a lot of visitors coming to stay with us and I have been so grateful for these reconnections with family and friends. I am ready, however, to hibernate and have some alone time with the metal and stones. When I don't get time to create, my creative muscles tend to fade. I am working on a separate project that has nothing to do with stonesetting or jewelry, but I am craving the alchemy that is metalsmithing. Soon.

I have been able to finish a few pieces, and these can now be found (along with some necklaces) at Silverado Portland Jewelry in Bridgeport Village! They are gorgeous and feature cutouts of birds and feathers on the back. I love them. I am embracing my love of stones again, and it feels good.



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