The Early Bird Sale And A Giveaway!!!

It's that time of year, when the leaves start turning, temperatures are dropping, and our thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays (or for some of you down under, leaves are growing and temperatures are rising...lucky ducks!)....

And it is the perfect time of year for my 

Friday, October 28th at 12:01 am
Monday, November 7 at 11:59 pm 

Because after all, the Early Bird gets the worm...and in this case that worms are shiny and made of metal :D

You may have also read above that there is going to be a GIVEAWAY.  
We all love those, don't we?  
I will be giving away a pair of my gorgeous The Dalles Mountain Buttercup Earrings to one lucky winner and one Lemongrass Jar Candle each to three lucky winners!

Here is how to enter the giveaway:

1. Post about the sale & giveaway on Facebook (and leave a comment): one entry.

2. Tweet about the sale & giveaway on Twitter (and leave a comment): one entry.  (My twitter name is cechandler).

3. Post about the sale & giveaway on your blog (and leave a comment): one entry.

4. Leave a comment here about your favorite thing about Autumn: one entry.
So there you have it!  4 ways to win some fabulous goods, and a great sale as well!  I'm looking forward to reading your stories and comments.  I will be announcing the winner of the Giveaway on Tuesday, November 8.

p.s. Aren't those Kookaburras so cute?!  The image is from the Powerhouse Museum Collection in Sydney, Australia.



  1. Favorite things about Autumn... The weather for a start! Our summers our SO incredibly hot and last for so long that it's a much needed relief when autumn actually hits (which isn't really until the end of October for us). I also love my boots. I can only wear them for a few months before it gets too hot again, so I wear them nearly everyday!

  2. My favorite thing about all the beautiful COLOR we get to see! The greens turn to yellow, orange, red, and darker red, and these colors looks amazing against the blue-bird blue skies we get so often at the beginning of fall, in the Columbia River Gorge! I take as many photos as I can, this time of year. (I also love that I get to pull out of the closet, and wear, my boots and cable-knit sweaters again).

  3. My favorite think about autumn is all the fall food. I get to start making soups again and yummy pumpkiny/squashy things. Oh and of course I get to start snuggling up in the bed alot closer, I miss that.

  4. I like pulling out my hats in autumn ;-) oh, and I posted about your blog, sorry it was so late but I didn't have access to a computer over the weekend :-/


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