New Materials, New Adventures...

 Constructing the walls of the box

Last week, as some of you may have seen, I created a handmade box for my Book and Box Structures class at OCAC.  This week we will be moving on to book binding practices, but I have to say, I absolutely LOVE making boxes.  The techniques tie in beautifully with my love of fabrication, and I find the process very rewarding.  It is much quicker than creating boxes out of metal, and I get to use beautiful book cloth and papers of various textures and colors.  I have always been fascinated by beautiful fabric and papers...the colors, textures, and patterns make my heart flutter, so getting to use them is very exciting!  

 A roller-printed feather serves as the lid for a copper box that will fit into the larger handmade box

This last week, we learned how to make paste papers for covering books, which was really fun.  There were some really interesting Indian fabric stamps made from wood that were great for creating patterns on the paper.  I hope they turn out nicely!

Amber, in movement

In other adventures, the kitties have been struggling with all the changes going on around here, what with the wedding (and all the supplies for it being around), people coming and going, multiple house guests, and then both Dave and my schedules changing so drastically that neither of us are home during the day.  Sammy and Amber have been showing their dislike the only way they know peeing on things they're not supposed to.  So, after a nice visit to the vet to make sure there was nothing medically wrong, we learn it is all behavioral and are now making changes to try and appease the babies and reduce the bad behavior.  Wish us luck!

 Sammy playing with his new toy, attached to our front door

I am consistently telling parents about their kids, "This is a phase," which most behaviors in children are.  So now, I hope that with our cats, this is a phase.



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