I have been sick for the last week.  
I am trying to heal, but time doesn't wait for sickness.  I was able to take one day off school last week in order to rest, and now I am healing.  Unfortunately for me, at the end of my colds, things settle into my lungs and my throat gets dry, and I end up coughing a lot.  In fact, I can't really speak right now, it throws me into coughing fits so quickly (and I am SO sick of cough drops). 

So, I am being quiet.  I am eating home made chicken pho, and being silent.  

The clouds are covering Portland, and a subdued light casts over everything.  It makes for a rather nice, quiet feeling amidst everything, reminding me of an Ani Difranco song that starts,

The sky is grey
The sand is grey
And the ocean is grey,
And I feel right at home,
In this stunning monochrome,
Alone in my way...

I learned of a friend losing her dog today, and it absolutely broke my heart.  I lost my own dog, Buddy, a few years ago to ridiculous, frustrating, stupid circumstances that were totally out of my control.  Being as empathetic as I am, I feel for her and her little family and their loss.  
(I don't mind being empathetic.  It's part of me.)
In a bit, I will go feather hunting around the neighborhood....wandering seems the only logical, meditative act to work through those feelings.

I hope you having a beautiful, calm week...



  1. i hope you are feeling better! You know though you can't post a delish picture like that and not post the recipe!

  2. Ha! I guess that IS true :) The recipe I used is here: http://healthy-delicious.com/2009/10/daring-cooks-quick-and-easy-chicken-pho-pho-ba/

    We usually don't have *all* the ingredients, so I usually broil the onions and ginger, sometimes garlic too, and have just cloves simmering in the stock. Then slice onions, chop ginger, add them to the broth. Add lime/lemon juice and chicken, simmer for a bit. Then vegetables (I add carrots, beans, cauliflower, etc.). Add salt, sugar, and chili to taste. Cilantro and basil to season :)

    Cook rice noodles separately. Then put it together...put rice noodles into bowl, and spoon broth over the top :)

    The FUN part is using the combination of chopsticks to pick up noodles, and soup spoon to gather them and the broth. It's messy. But warm, and lovely.


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