Renewed Fascinations

Today, my husband and I met up with family to have lunch at McMenamin's Edgefield, where I got the yummy Terminator Stout + Chocolate Milkshake above, followed by a little stroll through some antique stores in Troutdale, Oregon.  I found a great shop that had some Native American artifacts, which I adore.  

I'm finding myself wanting to explore more Native American history.  As a child, I was always completely fascinated with Native Americans, constantly reading stories, drawing pictures and making little 3D models of huts, and even clothes out of bark for my troll dolls :)  I have always felt such a connection to the land, nature, and animals, and I found something I could relate to in so many of their belief systems with that.

Through my childhood, I now remember that I was always surrounded by Native American artifacts.  At my mom's house, there were arrowheads, and a sling for a baby, and at one point I think even a headdress.  Her home was also situated near a Native American graveyard, and there was a longhouse down the hill.  At the family cabin in California, there were woven baskets.  I don't have anything like that now, but would like to.

What's interesting is that I feel like I've rediscovered this passion, or curiosity, after so many years of being focused on other places...I finally feel like my interests, and my heart, are coming back home.  

Already, this has filtered into my work, with my jewelry reflecting endangered plant species from the Northwest, but I wonder how the Native American aspect will affect me and my work.  

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...



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