Collaboration and the Fantasy Coffin Maker

(Artist talk by Eric Adjetey Anang, Michael DeForest introducing him)

 We have a visiting artist here at the Oregon College of Art and Craft this week, and it has been incredible to watch him work.  

(Students working with Eric Adjetey Anang)

(Michael DeForest sanding the fish coffin)

His name is Eric Adjetey Anang, and he is a Fantasy Coffin maker from Ghana.  He did a presentation on his work and history on Monday, which was absolutely fascinating.  One of the Wood faculty, Michael DeForest, actually did a residency with him in Ghana at one point, and for the rest of the week they have been working together to make a smaller scale model of a Fish Coffin.  

(Eric Adjetey Anang carving details in the fish)

I cannot wait to see how it turns out!  It has been fascinating watching the process of how Eric builds these forms from planks of wood, and they become this gorgeous, painted sculpture.
I love that he has been collaborating with the faculty and students on this project.  Right now the tent is all enclosed, but hopefully there will be a more finished product on display soon!



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