Learning to Draw Again...

 Self Portrait in Charcoal & Chalk, progression from left to right.

As some of you know, I am currently attending the Oregon College of Art and Craft as a BFA student.  Due to the nature of my Bachelor's degree from Australia, I am not qualified 'as is' to enter into a Master's program in the U.S., so I had to transfer my degree to OCAC and finish a degree here in order to move forward to a Master's.  

Still with me?  

I know, it's complicated.

Anyway, part of my curriculum is Drawing Foundations (wha?!  Yeah...think of my school in Australia as more of a trade school, I guess..).  
When I first entered the class in September, I thought "oh man, I am not going to like this.  I'm not good at drawing."  But, I consciously decided to be open to the process, and luckily, my teacher works in almost a mathematical way, which works perfectly with my learning process.  Yay!

And, as evidenced above, I'm not nearly as bad at drawing as I thought I was.  

Realizing this is very exciting for me, and gives me a renewed sense of confidence.  I'm definitely looking forward to next semester when we'll be able to get more creative--and since I am not a drawing artist by  nature, that will be an interesting challenge (and I do love a challenge).

My constant advice to people struggling with learning to draw, or learning a new process, is to forget what you think you know and be open.  It makes a world of difference.



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