The Latest Rings (From Ring A Week 2011)


Ring A Week no. 8
RAW 8/52

A windswept landscape, gorgeous in its clarity and hue...

At first I didn't see, and then I turned...

..and saw you.

Sterling Silver
Willow Creek Jasper
(This can be found in my Etsy Shop!)

Ring A Week No. 9
RAW 9/52
Sterling Silver

A simple twisted ring from material I made in order to make two beautiful bubble wands for our "Flower Girls".

Ring A Week No. 10
RAW 10/52
"An Extremely Early Birthday Ring"

Sterling Silver

Ring A Week No. 11
RAW 11/52
"Tough On The Outside"

Sultry, covered in black
Sharp edges.
I see inside you...
I see the hurt, the tears
The angst.
I see you yearning for something more....

More vulnerable...more loving.
More like waves upon sand.
More ruffles than rocks.

Sterling Silver
Found Object



  1. Beautiful rings, Catherine :-) I particularly love the willow creek jasper...such a pretty, serene stone ♥

  2. Thank you, Belinda. The Willow Creek Jasper is definitely one of my favorites. I love the hidden landscape :)

  3. Wow. I love the willow creek jasper as well. Gorgeous!


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