Sometimes My Heart Cries Out.... cries out for the open fields, the smell of grass
the fresh wind and clouds
the incredibly gorgeous sunsets that grace the land almost every night
the cold of the winter, biting and fierce,
and the heat of the summer, in all its dusty glory.

My heart reminds me of the land I grew up on
the glorious space
abundant vistas

My heart cries so loud that not even the splendor of cherry blossoms and sweet flowers can calm it.
Sometimes, it feels as if the city may suffocate me
as if I might crawl out of my own skin to get away.

What gets me through?
Hiking, and thank goodness Portland is full of green spaces.
Dogs, in all their goofiness and innocence.
And of course, the metal.



  1. That is glorious! The picture and the thoughts!

    I hear you...although in the backwards sort of way... I tend to miss the city too much as the isolation of this small town suffocates me a bit too much at times. It's always a struggle to find that balance! Thank goodness for nature, though! Can't argue with that!! :)


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