6 Days Left....

 There are SIX days left for the Red Cross Sale!  Remember, it's 10% off of everything in my Etsy Shop, PLUS $10 of each sale goes to the Red Cross to aid in the relief efforts over in Japan and the Pacific.  To learn more about the relief efforts, please head over to redcross.org for more information.

You may think "well, if I wanted to donate $10 to the Red Cross, I would do just that.  Why would I buy jewelry in order to do so?"  Good question.  And my answer is this: this is a great opportunity to get yourself or someone you love something special while on sale, and at the same time, be giving to a great cause.  The relief efforts in Japan will take years, and right now, every little bit helps.

If you want more information on the disaster in Japan, there are many resources, but I would recommend news organizations like the BBC.  

Thank you, always, for your support!



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