What A Beautiful Morning!

This is how I woke up this morning....after much walking around on me, purring and licking my face and hands, the kitties settled in, trapping me with their warm little bodies.
They were born from the same litter but could not be more different.  
Sammy, the Siamese, is rambunctious, tearing around the house after toys or talking to himself (and his demons) in corners.  He is really more of a dog-in-a-cat-suit, playing fetch for hours with his toys and demanding our attention.
Amber, the Tortoiseshell, is reserved, but loving.  She has her moments of crazy energy, which usually result in her running as fast as she can back and forth along one side of the apartment, from window to window.  She is the epitome of "cute", with little, gentle licks and an inquiring meow.
When people ask if we want kids, I tell them we already have two....and that they are furry with pointy ears and long tails.

I hope your Monday is starting off just as well, and is just as full of love!



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