Tryon Creek Park

So, as earlier posted, April 2nd was a very important day for me. A day of grieving, memories, and celebration of the life my dad lived. Every year on April 2nd I try to do some things that he loved, in his memory. This year we decided to keep it low key, with just myself and Dave (in the past I have invited many friends). We went and had a wonderful sushi lunch (my dad's favorite) in NW Portland, followed by a few errands, and then a stressful journey over to Lake Oswego. Eventually, we were driving down the Englewood Drive, where I grew up. The neighborhood has changed, as they always do, but it is beautiful no less. I would give anything to live there again. We parked at the end of the street and started hiking along the paths that my dad and I would ride horses. The weather was lovely and crisp, the ground only a little muddy, and the foliage sparkling.



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