Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings, 2003

In my second year of Uni, I decided that I wanted to learn how to color metal. However, somehow I had missed signing up for the class the previous semester and it wasn't being offered again, and I wouldn't be able to take it in my third year as that was my final year (the equivalent of thesis in America, though less demanding). So, instead I opted to do a self-directed study and concentrated on anodizing Titanium. It seemed like an intriguing metal, and the anodizing process didn't involve as many chemicals as anodizing aluminum. For my inspiration, I chose to match the colors of the rings to various endangered Australian plants. My intention was to create a conversation point--someone interested inquires about the wearer's ring, sparking conversation, and perhaps a little bit of education about the plant.

Boronia keysii

Calochilus richae

Darwinia carnea

Hernandia bivalvis

The rings are a variety of sizes, and unfortunately, cannot be re-sized. They can, however, be converted to a pendant or two mis-matched earrings. The shapes that I chose were done as an exercise in shaping Titanium. I originally bought a rod of Titanium and machined each ring blank from it. Then, I shaped it on a lapidary wheel, followed by filing and smoothing the surface, cleaning, and anodizing in an electrical bath to create the color. Each ring comes with an information card on the plant species that it represents, as well as images.

These rings are available in my Etsy Shop.



  1. I really love these, Catherine. They are beautiful in concept and as objects.

    Sending you happy, sunny thoughts today. I know this is a tough time of year for you. Thanks for all your loving support and sweet comments on my blog.

    I hope you are being gentle with your self and enjoying time in the studio.

  2. Thank you Tay! They were so fun to make and I hope they find good homes...they've been with me for a few years now!

    I'm feeling much better now that the memorial day has passed. It comes in waves, you know?

    The universe is providing more than I expected, which is amazing and heart warming. Thank you for being you!


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