Outdoor Adventures

Overcast weather makes for brighter colors...I heart Dogwoods

Interesting orange flowered bush

The base of Mt. Tabor

First set of stairs, from the dog park (I always walk through the dog park)

Third flight of stairs

Top reservoir--there were "sidewalk closed" signs going up to the top of Mt. Tabor, so I took the path going down...

This dirt road was off the sidewalk...had no idea where it went

I love weird trees

Some lovely plant graffiti along the way

View from the second resevoir (below is the lower resevoir)...this is our drinking water! In the very foggy distance you can see downtown, and the West Hills.

I went on another hike to Mt. Tabor today. 45 minutes, again, but I think I walked faster this time because I know I covered more ground. It is overcast but still warm today...I think it might rain a little bit later. Of course the forecast for tomorrow is rain....sigh.



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