Flower Earrings

Flower Earrings

The Flower Earrings were a happy accident that occurred during my first year at Uni. I cannot remember what the assignment was, but for some reason I was trying to create something that was reminiscent of a spider. I think at the time I was trying to reference insects a lot. Well, the shape I had created with 8 "legs" looked bizarre, so I did away with 4 of the "legs". What resulted looked more like a flower than a spider, so I went with it. I have always loved these earrings and wear mine often. They are simple but intriguing and are extremely versatile. The only criticism I have ever received on them is that you can't see inside the little flower, which is why I created Blossoms as well.

It occurs to me now that perhaps it was with these earrings that I came up with the idea to reference flora in my work. Sometimes the unplanned events can be the best ones to happen to you.

Flower Earrings are made from Sterling Silver and are hand fabricated by myself. I use a die for the shape of the flower, and have a little "formula" for the earring wires.

Flower Earrings are for sale in my Etsy Shop.



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