Reusable Coffee Filter

Here it is!

In she goes...

Enter coffee, center stage...

Houston, we are ready for lift off..(and the coffee tastes wonderful!)

Sometimes, it's the little things that count. Like using one coffee filter for months on end versus 60 or 100. I used to use a french press for my coffee, but with partnership comes compromise, and Dave hates french pressed coffee (something about little grains ending up in your coffee cup). So, when one of my bosses offered to give us an unused coffee maker, we took it. I have always bought unbleached paper filters for it until now.

The other day while on Etsy, I somehow came across this reusable cotton coffee filter by theScenicRoute. I immediately purchased one for a size 4 filter and am using it for the first time today! Visit theScenicRoute for these wonderful items that are only $7!



  1. ooooh! i'm going to get one tomorrow. one more little thing to save the world. :-)


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