So I missed Earth Day....

Lotus Flower, Adelaide Botanical Gardens, 2004

What can I say? I was at work. And then busy with production stuff. But here I am with a bit of an eco-post.

I have tried my best to live environmentally friendly. I'm not perfect, by any means, but I do try. I learned a lot about conserving water and energy while living in Australia, in addition to learning about the effects of non-native plants, erosion, salination, etc.

Flinders Ranges, 2003

My ideal living situation would be to own my own eco-friendly house that uses solar energy, and has a grey water system, along with a garden and green house to provide veggies all year round. Eco friendly paints and recycled paper would adorn the walls, and there would be plenty of windows and natural insulation. dream, right?

Recycled/Upcycled shelf by Michael Chapman, 2002

In the spirit of being eco friendly, I thought I would share this little shelf with you. A good friend in Australia made it for me when I lived there, and unfortunately, I had to leave it behind (he took it back) when I moved back to the states. I loved this shelf--it is one of the best presents I have ever received. Michael (Mic) used scraps of wood he had in his shed, along with steel pipe and a steel screen for the back. The only bought part of this shelf are the little -u- shapes to hold the pipe against the wood planks for stabilization. They were copper and could probably be made by hand, but that was not his specialty. You can see this photo on my flickr stream, with notes. I think it's a great project for anyone that has scraps lying around!

Also, another little tidbit. I used to use paper towels to wrap lettuce in so it wouldn't get soggy and rot in the, I use linen dish towels for wrapping lettuce, spinach, cilantro, etc. in and they work great! Your produce stays fresh for longer, and you're not using paper towels!



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