Delias Thompson

Serenity Stacking Rings with London Blue Topaz in Sterling and Gold

I absolutely love Delias Thompson's work. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, her jewelry is featured in local galleries, and will be in the June issue of Art Jewelry Magazine. Her jewelry is all hand fabricated, never cast, and shows exquisite craftsmanship. Adorned with embellishments and various textures, as well as the combination of Sterling and Gold, her pieces are intriguing and beautiful. These are some of my favorites from her Etsy shop. Her website is also a great place to explore and find out more about this fantastic artist.

Constellation Earrings in Sterling Silver

Kalahari Desert Ring in Sterling and Sugilite

Organic Leaf Ring in Sterling and Peridot

Confetti Earrings in Sterling and 22K Gold with Garnet

Customized Secret Poetry Bangle

Set of Three Secret Poetry Rings

Pebbles and Stones Cuff in Sterling and 22K gold



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