100 Things: A New Batch

100 Things is a challenge I set for myself to create 100 things between the end of May and August, 2012.

It is the beginning of July, and I have created far less than I at first imagined. What I find interesting is that when I was participating in Ring A Day, it was easier--I could grab *anything* and make a ring out of it. Perhaps there are less parameters with this challenge? Sometimes too few rules can be restricting--funny how that happens. I have to admit, I have been fully embracing a full work and social schedule, which has hindered my ability to get into the studio.However, this week, I have managed to get in some studio time and get a few things made!

 2/100: A pair of earrings that I altered for a friend. The post of one had broken off, so I made them into sweet little dangle earrings.

 3/100: These earrings are part of a trade for the anniversary present I will be giving Dave on our first anniversary! They are made of Sterling Silver, which has been roller printed with horse hair. Part of the earrings have been given a patina in order to contrast with the bottom section of the earrings.

4/100: I LOVE these earrings! They are made with Sterling Silver and Peruvian Opal beads. I have been wanting to make these for a while and finally took the time to do it. I love them!



  1. Oh, wow. I love how my earrings turned out! :-D

  2. They look really good! Now we just need to get them to you :)


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