Nothing New: Shorts & Shops

Nothing New is a challenge I set for myself to buy nothing new (with some exceptions) between May 19, 2012 and May 19, 2013.

The sun is blistering hot, glaring down from above and soaking the Portland area in 90 degree heat. DW and I have hunkered down in our apartment, except for one outing--to buy shorts. In this heat, the fewer the clothes you have to wear, the better. 

First, we went down to the Goodwill superstore and had a quick look around, but their selection was pretty low. Then we stopped by Buffalo Exchange, where I found two great pairs of shorts--the first shorts I've bought and worn in about 3 years! 

I'm getting better at learning what second hand stores have for selection, and where it's best to go. I suppose it's a little like knowing what your favorite store carries...this just takes a little extra time.



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