Raising, Raising, Raising...

On Friday, I spent an incredible amount of time in the studio raising. I was in the studio for 7 hours, probably raising for 4-5 of those. I started with a large disc of 16g copper, which is rather thick, but my intention is to raise it and then chase patterns into it, so I need some of that thickness. 

After hours of hammering, I started to realize that the metal wasn't quite moving the way it should have been. It has been 6 years since I last raised anything, and my notes were definitely lacking. So, I called it a day and came home to investigate what I'd been doing wrong.

What I found out was this:
I was using the wrong style of hammer
I wasn't alternating directions with each revolution
I was holding the metal against the stake wrong

Hopefully I can get up to the studio for a bit tomorrow and bouge it out before attempting it again. For now, I give you this...my as-yet-unfinished copper vessel, number 30/100 of my 100 Things project.

Copper Vessel

100 Things is a challenge I set for myself to create 100 things between the end of May and August, 2012.



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