5:30 am


This morning, I woke from a dream at 5:30 am. The dream was about hiking with some school friends from Portland to Multnomah Falls or the Bonneville Dam. I remember distinctly walking across a path that seemed to be industrial, in the Dam area. One of the guys had agreed to carry all the food, and we were catching up with the others. I am sure that this was all the result of reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed while at work last night, and again before bed. It is an adventure that speaks to my heart--one of my dreams has always been to ride that trail on horseback. 

Once I had written the dream down, I tried to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful. So I did the only thing that seemed logical--get up and go for a hike. I threw on my favorite jeans and a long sleeved shirt, put contacts in my eyes, grabbed my camera, scarf, phone, and protein bar, and headed out the door. I was greeted with air that was warmer than expected, and beautiful silence. The silence that settles in before the city wakes up. My legs carried me up the hills of Mt. Tabor, despite my weariness...all the way to the top.


On the way back down, the sun started cresting over the hills, warming up the trees and waking up all the little critters. There was evidence of some lost, while above there was chattering of squirrels and small birds chasing crows through the sky.


Little details stopped me, begging for a closer look.


Who was I to question them?


The flowers of my childhood beckoned, teasing me with their charm.




And as I walked off the hill, the sounds of other hikers began to rise. The debates on the tennis court, someone talking on the phone...the sounds of the city waking up. I carried on through a different neighborhood, stopping at one of the last few horses left along the way. 


This is the dichotomy that I love about my neighborhood...the ability to get lost in the woods, only to drop back into the city, and roam amidst plastic horses tied to ancient horse rings.

100 Things is a challenge I set for myself to create 100 things between the end of May and August, 2012.



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