In God's Country...

 I don't use the term God very often--not in the spiritual context, anyway. I wasn't raised in a religious household, and grew up skeptical of religion in general. I have always believed that there was something bigger than me out there, though...I could feel it, even as a child.

After reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love a couple of years ago, I realized that it is okay to use the word God for what I felt. What I felt today was that God spirit...that feeling of overwhelming love and serenity. Appropriate, because we were biking in one of the most beautiful places I've known, which is often referred to as "God's Country"--the Columbia River Gorge. 

As we sped down curves surrounded by trees and greenery, pumped up hills accented by golden grasses, I could feel it. I breathed it in, held it tight, and let all my worries go. That place will forever hold my heart and be called home. I needed some restoration to my spirit, and returning to the Gorge always does it. The vastness of the beauty there always catches my heart and sings to my soul.



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