Writing and letting go....

I recently acquired a copy of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, and have been reading it each night before bed. As with most non-fiction books, it puts me to sleep quite quickly, but not for lack of being interesting. 
One of the core principles of re-building creativity is writing Morning Pages, a feat which is rather difficult for me given that I am a) not an early riser and b) have a job that starts rather early. Today, though, I started work late, which gave me a chance to sit and write. And write. And write. I used to write a journal all the time--every day, wherever I was. This morning, that part of me was reawakened. There is something so cathartic about writing about whatever you want, in whatever style, and in a place that people won't be reading (hopefully).
We are so "out there" all the time now, with multiple social media platforms and constant socialization, that sometimes it is nice to just write in private.

One of the concepts in The Artist's Way, regarding Morning Pages, is that once we empty out our minds of all the logical crap that blocks us...all the things we need to do, or are worrying about, or dreamed about, we will have more room for our creative self to be free to express itself. Even today, I could feel the creative waters flowing. I haven't made anything since the end of May. It's been killing me a bit, but I've also been re-adjusting to a new schedule and getting caught up with my friends. But realistically, behind this blockage is a bunch of emotional stuff that I need to shuffle through, clear, and reconcile with.

Luckily, I know it is all a process. One which I am looking forward to and enjoying, through all the ups and downs.

Have you read The Artist's Way? What did you think? Do you keep a journal?



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