Nothing New: Who needs new?

So far, I cannot say that I am missing buying "new". Granted, most of my purchases have been clothes, which are really easy to buy second hand. What's interesting is that I used to have the worst luck with buying used clothes. I've always had broad shoulders and a wide rib cage, so things never really fit, and there were hardly ever any jeans in my size. I don't know what changed, but now, I find stuff all the time!

Some recent goodies include two pairs of leggings I found in a second hand shop in Ketchum, Idaho, and three tanktops (one for working out) that I found randomly here in Portland. What I am loving most about this project so far is that I've bought about 7 pieces of clothing so far and am just barely skirting around the $50 mark! Which is awesome, since the hubby and I just purchased tickets to go to Maui in August, and we'll need to save as much as possible. 

What are your favorite finds from second hand shops??
 Do you have good luck? Bad luck?
What are the items that you would NOT buy second, hats, etc?



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