A Northwest Girl, Through and Through

I am a Northwest girl, through and through....

What does that mean? 

It means that I love the rain, even if I don't want to dance in it.
I know that there are thousands of shades of green, and they can all reside in the same place.
It means that I love the smell of fresh rain on the ground.
I can see the weather in the clouds, and know what's coming.
It means that I can work on a ranch in the day, and don a little black dress to a fancy dinner that night.
I love the smell of horses, and the chaos of the city.
It means I talk a little bit slower, and know the benefits of relaxation.
I can melt into the urban forests and feel at home.
It means that my heart is here, always.

These are for the Northwest girl, at heart. A lover of rain, green, steel and trees. Wherever you may be, the Northwest is always in your heart.



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