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Howdy, Friends! 

So, you may have read in an earlier post that I have decided to give myself two challenges. One of those is "Nothing New". The goal of this challenge is to buy nothing new in the next year (from birthday to birthday), and the challenge will end on May 19, 2013. Here is the outline:

Goal: To purchase nothing new from May 19, 2012 to May 19, 2013. This applies to all purchases except for the following exceptions:

car and bike necessities (i.e. tires, oil, etc.)
household goods (i.e. lightbulbs)
computer parts
business items
my Matron of Honor dress
gift card items (using gift cards from my birthday, or Christmas, etc.)
gifts for others

Now, even though there are exceptions, the stipulation I am giving myself is to attempt to source recycled or vintage items for those things as well, like underwear using recycled fibers or vintage gift items.

I will be posting various items that I buy and talk about the alternatives to buying new, as well. 

Which leads me to the gorgeous new pair of jeans I bought yesterday! Most of my jeans have been wearing thin, so I finally decided to hoof it down to my local Goodwill and found a fantastic pair of Joe's Jeans that fit perfectly, and another pair that can serve as capri's through the summer. I am always surprised at what great jeans I find at Goodwill, and I only spent $33. In most stores you can't even find ONE new pair of jeans for that price! And check out what I could have paid for a new pair of Joe's Jeans!

What do you buy used? Do you buy clothes at Goodwill or other resale stores?



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