What a Wonderful Christmas!!!

I had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas this year. After the initial stress of the morning, that is. First, I got my Christmas Wish of SNOW!!! Yay! It started snowing in Portland (unfortunately I didn't get pictures), decreased to rain as we drove through the gorge, and back to snow as we arrived in Hood River and Lyle! It was wonderful. We had a very busy day of driving but spent good quality time with family.

I got some very wonderful gifts, and a few indie ones as well. Being me, I totally forgot about the drama with the earrings from gemmafactrix that I ordered, and thus was very surprised with them as a present (my mom was a dear and wrapped them).

Dave and I also received these beautiful ornaments from my mom who ordered them from Made in Washington (she saw my handmade pledge), from Glass Eye Studio (click the photo for a link). We each got one of the #1 ornaments. They're beautiful and I think we'll hang them regardless of the season...just have to figure out where so the cats don't decide they look like nice toys :)

Dave's sister also gave me a huge 4x4' peg board which I'm dying to put up in the office. And now, our house is COMPLETELY messy, but we had a wonderful holiday and that's what counts.

Below is a picture of us...left to right, my niece Jaylene, sister Daneille, me, Cassie the mohawk dog, and Dave.



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