Exhaustion and the $40 house

Every night for the past week, I have gone to sleep past midnight, and it is finally catching up with me. I'm exhausted and very forgetful, which makes things interesting. The good news is that I finished the necklace (see previous post), and now all I have to do is give it another tumble, and it'll be done. I was going to blacken the links to show off the little gold links, but I kind of like it silver with gold, for now at least. I'll post more pics of that soon.

Anyway, yesterday I bought a doll house for $40. It's the Whitney by Radmark, and I think it's from the 60's or 70's. It's a DIY kit, which is fun. I think tonight will be spent relaxing and putting this guy together, or at least trying to :) More stories about dollhouses later!



  1. I came here via Roadside Scholar. Your work is so beautiful. Your leaves remind me of my Marrakesh olive grove. I am deeply in love with your poppy.

  2. Ooooh so jealous! I love dollhouses too and have often thought about buying one to put together. One of these days!

  3. oh my goodness. i love dollhouses. i never had one as a little girl. i've been working on a san francisco style house for about three years now! good luck!!

  4. It's been pretty fun! My other half is also having fun with it, and the poor kitties have been banned from the living room for a week! Hopefully we'll get it done this weekend, or at least to the point where it can be placed some where other than the floor! btw I LOVE those san francisco style dollhouses. Think I might start a collection :)

  5. I just saw you Pieces of my Heart necklace on Etsy's front page and I love it. can't afford it but I love it:)
    I had a doll house just like this one when I was little. I had it for about 5 years, but we never actually put it together. In my imagination is was wonderful. Have fun


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