So I woke up this morning, and started the daily ritual of checking email and bloglines before heading out to run errands. To my surprise, I found myself featured on Roadside Scholar! Gigi, of Roadside Scholar, has a beautiful site, comprised of daily finds ranging from the personal, to the art world, and beyond! Her photography is beautiful, as well as her impeccable writing. Here are a few of my favorite items I've found on her blog:

Paula McCullough art

handmade benedict bear from Adelaide's Little Red Pear

Runnerbean paper creations

Art by John Zoller

Every day, Gigi features something new and fun on her site, and I am always surprised and pleased.



  1. hi catherine,

    thank you for such a nice mention and for all the encouragement! i love your work and wish you a 2008 filled with joy, health and flowing creativity!


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