So Mad!!!!

So, after wondering for a couple of weeks where my beautiful earrings from gemmafactrix had gotten to in their shipping, I decided to check the email receipt and realised that although I had previously changed my address to my current one on Pay Pal, they had the wrong address as the shipping address, and therefore my new earrings are now someone else's possession. I will find some way to sort it out. Apparently they were "delivered" yesterday. I was looking so forward to having these! Without sounding like too much of a downer, this just adds to the insane amount of things that have gone wrong this winter. All my exuberance for Christmas has been completely diminished.



  1. oh hopefully they get returned to the shipper and then back to you! I lost my mobile last week and it was handed in! hopefully the christmas spirit will extend? :-)

  2. Luckily these beauties did get returned to me! My mom picked them up at the address they were sent to, and I got to open them on Christmas...they're beautiful!


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