L. Frank

Working in the high-end jewelry retail business, it's hard not to get swept away by the beauty of things I simply cannot afford. The other day, I decided to re-make my "family" ring--a wide silver band with peridot, yellow sapphire, and white sapphire in white gold bezels--into three small stacking rings, because I want something a little more fun and feminine. So, I hopped online and started looking around for inspiration and techniques, and came across L. Frank on Twist's website. Her own website doesn't show much of her work, but has more information. Below are some pieces I fell in love with, and I actually went down to the store yesterday to try them on--they are GORGEOUS!

The ring above is the one I tried on at the store. It's gorgeous, but I think a tri-stack ring is much more suited to my taste. I love how these rings are connected at the back, but still move freely with each other.

I'm a sucker for odd-shaped diamonds (as well as variations in color) and these pear shapes, with the rose cut, are gorgeous! My heart just swoons at these pieces.



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