What was once a tree, is now ......leaves! I'm loving this piece. I love how chunky and weighty it is. The leaves are about 16g thick. Tomorrow comes the tumbling, gold, and blackening. Yay! Check out the posts below for how these guys began.



  1. Hi Catherine,
    I found your blog via roadside scholar and I love YOUR work :)
    I added you a few days ago to my bloglines and tonight saw you had two new posts and was surprised to see my clock on your blog post below! Thanks for posting it, glad you like it...I swear it is more of a compliment when a very talented artist likes it than a non-artist. I will be back, you have a great blog.

  2. I like your composition for this! Ive been using this shape recently myself! Its so beautiful! And you have the right idea casting your links, they are such a pain to fabricate:) I am just not a casting person, its so messy and takes forever!!:)


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