Arthur Hash....I am in LOVE!!!

Tonight was one of those nights where I started dropping everything, got tired of yelling "Damnit!" every five minutes, and decided to stop metalsmithing for the night and just play online (I have learned when it's best to stop while you're ahead rather than ruining a piece). So, off to Etsy I went where I have been perusing the favorites of my favorites. Through Megan Auman, I re-discovered Arthur Hash. I had seen his work before, every time I would go to the bathroom at OCAC, it was there on the wall:

But somehow, it is different to re-discover him in this "realm" of the www's. I love his work, and his conceptualization of creating art that is affordable. I love the use of alternative materials and marvel at the graphics and ideas he comes up with. Brooches from shoes, graphic brooches, funky plastic bag bracelets, etc. It sounds redundant, but I LOVE IT. Here are some links:

Arthur Hash Website
Arthur Hash Etsy
The Art Escape Plan (blog)

Here are some favorites of mine:

Plastic Ring

Coffee Stain Brooch


Cinder Block Brooch

Tea Drop Necklace (polyurethane and loose tea)



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