Scott Kay

I was just flipping through Indesign magazine (we get it at work), and came across a great quote by jeweler Scott Kay:

"Don't try to sell the whole world. Don't keep jumping all over the place. Find something that is your vibe, your language, so that other people can see what inspires you and what drives you. I guarantee you, people will relate to that."

I love this quote because in the past, I have battled with trying to make pieces that "will sell" or that are "trendy" and I end up hating them because they're not "me". My style is bold and strong, with some femininity. It is evolving as well, as I incorporate more texture and explore different techniques. I love my style and must embrace all aspects of it in order to make a great selling point to customers and galleries alike.



  1. good quote catherine...
    We carry Scott Kay at the store I work at as well.
    It's nice to know that some of the commercial designers feel that way about what they are making too!


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